Dojo Rules and Etiquette

  1. Bow when entering or leaving the mat.
  2. Students line up facing the mirror in order of rank and age.
  3. Walk behind students to cross the mat when a class is in session.
  4. Speak quietly when classes are in session.
  5. Always bow to the instructor at the beginning and end of each class.
  6. Hold questions until the instructor requests them.
  7. If you arrive after class has begun, wait at the edge of the mat in front position until the instructor invites you onto the mat, then go to the end of the line.
  8. No eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum in the dojo.
  9. Refrain from using foul language in or near the dojo.
  10. Possession of drugs or alcohol in the dojo is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  11. No horseplay or fighting in the dojo.
  12. Beginning students wear white gis (karate uniforms). Students who have reached purple belt may choose to wear black gis.