Our History

Shao Lin Ch'uan Fa (Chinese Kenpo)

With roots that go all the way back to the Shao Lin temple in China, Chinese Kenpo is a mixture of the Kung Fu of William K. S. "Thunderbolt" Chao, the Mitosi family karate style of James Mitosi, and the Hawaiian grappling arts of Sonny Gascone. With more modern influences of Jeet Kun Do and Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Kenpo is a real world fighting sytle. Our black belts really can defend themselves. So if the prospective student is looking for self-defense skills to protect him or herself from attack they will find them here.

However, although we do live in a dangerous world, the chances of neding to defend oneself against physical attack are really very small. So why train in the martial arts? Because martial arts training teaches us to manage stress, manage fear, and deal with adversity in ways we never thought possible for ourselves and gives us a sense of epowerment and self esteem that can be hugely difficult for most of us to attain.

The Martial Arts Training Alliance is a family business whose instructors are either a part of our family or have been with us so long as to seem a part of our family. So come join our family and discover the fun and fulfillment of training in the martial arts!